A Few Thoughts of D Day


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D DaySeventy-two years ago young men stormed the beaches of Normandy to free a continent and end a war. Their “safe space” was not a tax payer provided room on a college campus, but a hole dug in the sand. They were not frightened by “trigger words” but instead stood in the face of certain death as the enemy pulled the trigger of their weapons aimed directly at them.
For most all, the very first cruise that they had taken in their young lives was not a Disney or Carnival Cruise but rather on board a troop transport heading into danger. Still others spent their sight seeing days in places in the Pacific so small, that they appear on few maps or in places in Europe now filled with Muslim immigrants. They were heroes whose love of country and devotion to duty gave them the strength and courage to make the ultimate sacrifice. They never burned a draft card or an American flag!
The liberty and freedom that we enjoy today was purchased with the very lives of these brave men. They fought for the American way of life like so many who had come before them. Their courage overcame their fears. Their devotion turned the churning surf to red that morning 72 years ago. Some were killed in the Higgins boats. More died on the shores. Those who lived, stormed cliffs and hedgerows bringing liberation and freedom.
So this day, while some would use the very freedom purchased by these brave souls as a license for perversion and social experiments gone wrong, we honor this Greatest Generation. No, Mr. Obama. These men did not give their lives so you could force women to accept men who think they are women into women’s restrooms and locker rooms. These men served for a much more noble purpose: Duty and love of country.


Finding Gender in the Galapogos


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beagleLibs and Democrats act like they have just returned from the Galapagos Islands on the HMS Beagle and have discovered a previously unknown gender that is neither male nor female. This newly discovered gender is what they call transgendered. Being a new gender, it must therefore be treated as a newly discovered sub-species of human. It is to be accorded special rights and privileges. Our betters (Liberals) who know so much more than the rest of us have told us that we need to turn our society completely upon its head in order to potentially accommodate all transgendered people, even if that means going against common sense, safety, and privacy.

So-called transgendered people make up less than 1% of the current US population. Estimates put it at 3/10th of 1%. That means that approximately 99.7% of our population is not transgendered. Surely this can’t be true. I mean, to hear the liberals tell it, transgendered people have done everything from sign the Declaration of Independence, won a couple of world wars, and participated at our highest levels of government and society. Except, they haven’t.

Transgendered people make up a very small percent of the population and are correctly placed within the category of mental illness and disorders pertaining to body dysmorphic disorders. They are not a new sub species and they are certainly not a new gender. They are, for lack of a better way to put this, mentally ill. This does not mean that we should treat them with hatred, disrespect, or look upon them as any less of that which deserves human dignity. Compassion and love in the highest command of Christ is to be the norm.  While love, compassion and dignity are to be our highest expression, their mental disorder does afford them special rights over and above the 99.7% of the population that does not suffer from this disorder.

Left untreated, many of this group commit suicide. However, when they are treated with surgery, the rate of suicide is roughly the same as those who do not have hormone and surgical treatment. Statistical studies have led some hospitals such as Johns Hopkins to stop performing gender reassignment surgery.

Now while my liberal friend’s heads explode, I would like to ask a few questions:

  1. Do the much higher percentage of the population not deserve respect for their privacy in public restrooms, dressing rooms, and changing areas? If not, why not?
  2. What if the person who “thinks” they are the opposite gender is wrong? Will irreversible surgery not make the problem worse?  Already, we are reading the Bruce Jenner is having second thoughts about his surgery.
  3. Why are liberals so willing to deny science and embrace a political agenda to address a problem that has received so little study?
  4. If Bruce Jenner were not your poster child, would you still push this agenda? If so, then why did you not push this prior to Bruce Jenner? It seems this has more to do with a radical left wing agenda rather than treatment for the mentally ill.
  5. Are there no other treatment options available short of irreversible radical surgery that statistically, does not alleviate the condition and emotional pain?
  6. How will liberals address public safety concerns about this issue? So far, all that we have heard and seen is outcry and name calling from the left and too little concern with public safety and privacy.
  7. As champions of the right to privacy, why are liberals so willing to invade another’s privacy in changing rooms in gymnasiums and public pools? Does the dad of a young adolescent girl not have an expectation of privacy when they send their child into a changing room that they will not have to disrobe in front of a person with opposite gender anatomy?  Many liberals assume that there are private changing rooms in locker rooms in public schools.  I am confident that the vast majority of public schools and private clubs have few private changing rooms.
  8. Why have liberals chosen this hill upon which to die? It seems as if there might just be another agenda behind this? beagleWhen you look at what liberals have already accomplished since Obama began to fundamentally change America, and where they might be headed, it makes you stop and think. Homosexual marriage is already the law of the land. Lack of bathroom privacy seems to be next. Pluralistic marriage and intergenerational marriage may not be that far behind.

We Did It To Ourselves!

We did it to ourselves

We did it to ourselves!

It appears that Trump is going to be our candidate. As of this writing, he does not have a a lock on the nomination, but it should be locked up in a couple of weeks.  Like most Republicans, I am unhappy at this prospect. I have already tired of this blowhard who thinks he is smarter than everyone else in the room.  Money can purchase many things; sadly, class is not one of them.

I would like to tell you the reason that we are stuck with Trump and not another candidate. REPUBLICANS DID IT TO THEMSELVES!!!!!  There!  I said it.  We did it to ourselves.  We have no one to blame on this matter.  Even if we wanted to find some Democrat conspiracy, common sense would step in the way.  Now, this is on us.  Trump is the fault of the Republicans and no one else.

What do I mean by this? It is quite simple. Nature abhors a vacuum. The Republican House and Senate were both elected with the express purpose of stopping Obama and all of his “hope and change.” We counted on them.  But when given the opportunity to do so on countless opportunities, they failed miserably. They wrinkled like a cheap suit.  They folded like a house of cards in a windstorm.  There were numerous opportunities for the Republicans to do what they were elected to do.  Yet, time and again, they failed.

They failed on Obamacare. They took many opportunities to vote against it (over 30 I think), but none when it counted.  These votes were for show; to show the people back home that they meant business, except they didn’t.

They failed on the budget.  A balanced budget was never discussed, proposed, brought up, or mentioned except in the election rhetoric that sent them to Washington.

Republicans failed on countless raising of the debt limit.  At a time when they preached that it was time to get their house in order, they did so by taking out more and more credit cards and never even with a view to paying them off.

They failed on the deficit. The amount of money that is collected does not even come close to the amount of money that is spent.  Each dollar collected is spent at least 3 times!  Try that at home and see how well it goes!

They failed our military. They failed our veterans.  The VA is still mired in endless waste and bureaucracy.  Wait times have not gone anywhere but up!  Access to healthcare is only possible if you are an illegal alien.

They pushed Common Core.  The Department of Education, which should immediately be defunded along with many Republican governors have brought this into the kitchen tables of every family with a child in the public schools.

The Republicans (with few exceptions) failed this country miserably. Instead of solid leadership based upon character and conservative principles, we got compromise, double talk, and homosexual marriage.  Why bother to elect them if they are going to do the same thing that the Democrats are doing!

Because of the lack of leadership by Republicans, the old “nature abhors a vacuum” law led to Trump. It was not the first time. Remember a guy named H Ross Perot? We abandoned our convictions from George HW Bush when he did not follow through with his Read My Lips pledge. Perot jumped in the race and Clinton was elected with 43% of the vote.

So why Trump? Look to the very people who are desperately trying to stop Trump now! With friends like Mitch McConnel, John McCain, and countless others, this failure of leadership was bound to happen.  Yes, we did it to ourselves!

The Worst Car I Ever Owned


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Ford PintoI have owned a lot of cars over the years. I just replaced my very reliable Toyota Prius with a newer car last week. As I was driving to work this morning, I was enjoying the newness of the Lexus ES 350 and still learning how to use the toys scattered throughout the car. I began to reflect upon my numerous cars over the years. By far, the most memorable was also the worst that I ever owned, a 1973 Ford Pinto.

I got the Pinto in very used condition in 1983. I was desperate to buy and the seller was even more desperate to sell.  It had about 30,000 miles on it and the body was in good shape (come to think of it, so was mine!). The car had few redeeming features other than keeping down the mosquito population due to the unrelenting blue smoke being expelled from the rusted tail pipe.  It also had a rear window defroster that kept your hands warm as you were pushing it in the cold weather.

Soon after I got the car, it began to fall apart as the spit and baling wire that was holding the undercarriage together began to uncoil. The side mirror fell off and there was no way short of superglue to reattach it. Early 80s superglue is worthy of its own rant, but maybe later.  The rearview mirror also fell off and it was replaced with an off the shelf mirror from Walmart. The replacement mirror had a digital clock on it and that was the only instrument that worked on the entire car.  The speedometer was in a permanently fixed position of 85 mph, or in Pinto-speak, Fantasyland.

Once I got the car up over 60 MPH and the front hub caps flew off due to the centrifugal force on the unbalanced wheels. At an underwhelming 63 horsepower, getting the car up to that speed for any sustained time was quite a feat. It was a bone jarring, teeth chattering, filling falling out type of ride.  Of course, you had to be going down a steep hill for this to happen.

The brakes on the car gave a new definition to the phrase “not working.”  You had to press them all the way to the floor as the master cylinders did not work and the fluid leaked out with the transmission and oil to form a rather interesting puddle wherever you parked.

The starter went out. They had a choice of either pulling the motor or the transmission to replace the starter. They pulled the transmission, but in the process, it put too much pressure on the motor and the motor mounts broke.

The horn went out and it would not pass inspection. I went to a junk yard and pulled a horn of a rusting Pinto and put it on my rusting Pinto. The button for the horn would not work so I replaced it with the plastic lid of a tennis ball canister and a doorbell that I got from Walmart. When I pressed the button, I half expected it to go “Ding Dong! Avon Calling!” Instead, it merely moaned like a heroine addict wallowing in his own vomit.

The tires were only tires in the academic sense of the word. They were round, had been made out of rubber, and occasionally held air.  It is amazing how much thread can show through a tire before it finally collapses.

The fuel line sprung a leak once and I replaced it with a plastic tube held in place with a “c” clamp and duct tape.

The handles that let you roll down the windows (necessary because the AC and long ago given up the ghost) were broken and I replaced them with a cheap pair of vice grips. You had to move them from one door to another, depending on which window you wanted down or up.

The windshield wipers were about as reliable as your basic street corner meth addict. The wipers made the cycle from up and back down about once a minute; with a shimmy reminiscent of a puppy that I once saw that had cerebral palsy.  Both were sad images.  The wipers would move up and down, shaking all the way.

The door locks did not work. The caps that screwed onto the mechanism had long since gone missing.  If you were on the inside of the car, you could not get them down.  If you were outside the car, you had better hoped that no one accidentally pressed the bolt down because the key did not work the lock. I never locked the car, but then, anyone desperate to steal a Pinto deserves what he gets.

The handle to open the door broke on the inside of the door so to open the driver’s side door, you had to use the vice grips to roll down the window and reach out and use the outside door handle to get the door open.

At about 45,000 miles, the motor began spewing west Texas crude like a John Wayne movie (The Hellfighters) and the transmission leaked almost as fast as you pour it in.  I only put a gallon of gas at a time in the car. I did this for several reasons: If you put in more than 2 gallons, the fuel would leak and the extra weight of the gas was not good for the suspension.  I could not afford much more than a gallon at a time and in case the Pinto had one of its exploding episodes (as the were wont to do) I wanted a fighting chance since it took time to use the vice grips to roll down the window and reach around for the door handle outside the car.  However, for each gallon of gas in the tank, the car went up exponentially in value.

The radio – never worked. Never figured out why.  The car made so much noise that you would never have been able to hear it anyway. The motor was so underpowered that to turn on the radio would have slowed the car from a brisk walk to a crawl.

The signal lights would work providing you moved the signal stalk up and down as you were turning the non-powered steering wheel. Mostly it was easier to get a ticket!
I don’t recall ever getting a ticket in the car, although I was stopped numerous times, although never for speeding. I think the cops just felt sorry for me and let me go, knowing that I was destined to perish in flames since it was a Pinto.

I finally sold the car a year or so after I got it. I made a deal with a car lot on Garland Road in Garland, Texas sight unseen for $500. The car died for the last time about 20 feet from the dealer’s lot. I pushed it onto the lot to claim my $500 prize. At first the car lot dealer did not want to fulfill the deal but after hearing about the number of times that the car had left me stranded, he relented and I was able to drive off the lot with my second worst car that I ever owned, a 1979 Ford Fairmont.

Its Not Easy Being a Republican


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RepublicanFellow Republicans, let’s face facts. It is not easy belonging to this sad group which is often (deservedly so) called “The Stupid Party.” I would love to be proud of my party as I once was, but present circumstances make it so hard.  Just when I think we have a chance, stupidity rears its ugly head and once more, the party with the best ideas finds a way to bring defeat and despair to the most optimistic of us.  We are coming off 8 years of the worst example of a president in not only modern history, but probably the entire history of the republic.  Our enemies do not fear us; our allies do not respect us; and our friends do not trust us.  One would think that after almost eight years of Barack Obama that all we would have to do is hold a free election, and we would win by default.  Such is not the case.  Let me give you 10 reasons why this is so.
1. We have the mainstream media against us. Save for certain people on Fox News, and Talk Radio, the bulk of the media is for the other party. Admittedly, this did not stop Reagan. We let “Reagan be Reagan” and he usually turned the tide of discussion our way. Those were the good old days!  Reagan was Reagan without the benefit of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Talk Radio and the internet.  Even though the viewership of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN is near an all time low and ratings for Fox News is at an all time high, we still get defeated by the mainstream media.
2. We tend to nominate idiots! We go for the person who is the most handsome, tallest, or has the best hair. Can anyone say Mitt Romney? Believe me, John (Why the long face?) Kerry, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton did not get to their respected places in life because they were pretty. If looks, height, and hair does not work, we go to the person whose turn is next such as McCain, Dole, for Ford. How’s that working?  Mitt Romney had the perfect opportunity to defeat Obama in the second debate on the subject of Benghazi, and he gave him a pass because the liberal moderator said so.
3. Our own candidates stab us in the back – and we usually re-elect them.  Like a battered spouse who receives a promise that it will not happen again and a dog returning to his own vomit, we keep electing the same Republicans who have made a career out of stabbing the base in the back. We elected people who promised us that they would take it to Obama and force him to veto legislation on a daily basis. Instead, they acted like puppies who wanted their tummies scratched. Mitch McConnel, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham come to mind.  The most recent budget deal is a great example.  We say we are for defunding Planned Parenthood, but given the chance to do so, Ryan and McConnel allowed full funding to be in the budget because they were afraid that Obama would veto it.  Huh????
4. Our candidates truly are party of the “big tent.” When you compare the ideological spectrum between our candidates vs. the Democrats, we are much more ideologically diverse. Sometimes, the ideological diversity comes in the form of the same candidate (Trump – pick an issue, and Rubio – immigration).  When was the last time you saw a pro life Democrat?  When it comes to diversity, we own it.
5. Unlike Democrats, we only allow a person to vote once!
6. Unlike Democrats, we insist that our voters have a pulse!
7. Unlike Democrats, we do not parade absentee ballots in front of the cognitively impaired in local memory care units!
8. Unlike Democrats, we accept defeat. You hardly ever see a Democrat back down from losing an election by 1-2 percentage points. He / she insists on a recount until they find enough votes to turn the election. Can anyone say “Al Franken?”  They just keep counting until they win.
9. Unlike Democrats, we give up too easily when we lose an election. Democrats keep pushing their agenda until it fundamentally changes the political landscape. Ten years ago 95% of the USA was against homosexual marriage. Now, it is the law of the land.  Democrats press forward with their agenda even when they lose an election.
10. We wish we could “Frankenstein” a candidate by taking what we like from one or more candidates and sewing it to the carcass of another. We like Trump’s non PC attitude and wish we could attach it to the level headed wisdom of Cruz and the charisma of Rubio. Democrats have no such issue because there is hardly any difference between their competing ideologies. Remember, even Hillary could not explain the difference between herself and a socialist.

It is a tough time to be a Republican.  We are so desperate to win that our evangelical wing is abandoning principles to elect Donald Trump.  Our base wants someone who will work with Democrats to “get things done” even if it means the death of practically everything for which we stand.  It is a sad time to be a Republican.

What To Do With the Syrian Refugees

I have had several discussions, both in person and on Facebook regarding what to do with the Syriasyrian refugeesn Refugees.  Several have made comments that it is the moral and Christian duty to receive them into our country no matter what the risk.  Others have stated that the concern for potential terrorism ties should keep them out of the country.

Having thought about this, I have formed the following opinion:

  1.  It is the duty of individual Christians to be hospitable to strangers, travelers, and immigrants.  We should express love and concern whenever and wherever we can.  This means meeting the various physical needs as well as praying for the spiritual salvation of people.  It is our Christian duty and obligation to love, pray for, minister to, and seek the very best for those whom God allows to cross our paths.
  2.   It is the responsibility of local congregations and churches as well as para-church organizations to seek to find ways that will allow individual Christians to fulfill their God-given responsibilities.  This includes loving, praying for, financial support when needed, as well as other logistical support.  It is better if local churches work together with other Great Commission Christians to share this load.
  3. The government has a role to play in this matter.  It is the responsibility of the government to secure its borders.  This is a God-given mandate that the state must bear.  God has ordained the borders of ancient Israel.  Also, Acts 17:2 tell us that God has “…predetermined their reappointed times and the boundaries of their dwelling.”
  4. A government must also protect her people.  It is the responsibility of our government to make sure that her citizens are in as little danger as possible concerning any immigration actions or policies. When government creates an atmosphere of danger or allows unwarranted and unnecessary danger to enter our borders, the government does err. Here in the USA there are constitutional methods to deal with government incompetency and error.  State and local governments should be prepared to act should the Federal government endanger the people.
  5. The government has a third area of responsibility and that is to make sure that justice is maintained and delivered appropriately.  The Scripture tells us that the state does not bear the sword in vain (Romans 13).  It is the responsibility of the state to track down and punish evil in our society. Given the increase of sexual assaults that have happened in Europe as these refugees have flooded the borders, it would be best if our government exercised extreme caution.
  6. So what should we do with these refugees?  A certain number of them should be allowed to enter the USA under very cautious circumstances.  Of those who left Syria, there were many where were Christian (both culturally and by religious profession). These individuals should be allowed to immigrate for their own safety.  They were not safe in their mother country and they are not safe mixed with the Muslim population of current refugees.  Many were downed in the sea on the journey to Europe.  Those who survived should be allowed in the country unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  7. Because of the current existential threat of Radical Islam, Muslim refugees should be bared from entering the country until such a time as it can be ascertained their exact circumstances and background.  The risk is just too great to assume that all who would seek to enter this country do so with good intentions.  One of the bombers in Paris entered on a forged Syrian passport.  To allow unfettered access to our country would be an unwarranted risk that the government should not take, no matter how politically correct such a decision would be.
  8. Safe havens should be established, preferably in Arab nations until such a time that the Syrian crisis subsides and allows for the safe return of the refugees.  These safe havens would include areas of humanitarian relief as well as physical protection.
  9. These refugees are of military age with most being males between the ages of 20 and 60. The US should consider arming and training these men with the purpose of retaking their country and ridding the world of the Assad regime.  This would be in their best interest as well as that of the world.  Our forefathers fought and died to procure the blessings of liberty and to protect every square inch of this great country.  These Syrian refugees should be afforded no less a responsibility.

People Who Identify As Christians, But Want Nothing To Do With Following Jesus


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The concept of being a Christ follower is hard to grasp at times.  In my readings this week in and around the “internets” this week I have read several postings from people who claim to be a follower of Christ but have troubfollow Christle with following what the Bible has to say.  In other words, they are often like the people to whom Jesus was referring when He said “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ when you do not do the things that I say?” Luke 6:46.

Following Jesus is not an easy task.  If it were, more people would do it.  But it seems that you cut yourself off at the knees when you make a statement that you are a Christian, but you do not follow what the Scriptures have to say.  Someone accused me the other day of being one of those people who believe that only Christians are going to heaven.  I shared with him what Jesus had to say in John 14 wherein He proclaimed to be the way, the truth and the life; and that no man can come to the Father except through Him.  So (to paraphrase CS Lewis) when Jesus made this statement he was either crazy, lying, or truthful.  The man replied that it was obvious that Jesus never uttered such a statement and this is one of the many places in the Bible that is made up.  Shockingly, this man still claims to follow Christ.  How can you follow Christ and at the same time, discount the veracity of His Scripture?  The short answer is, you cannot!  You may follow some philosophical teachings of Jesus, but you are not following the Risen Christ.

You never meet a Marxist or a socialist who does not cling to the very words of Karl Marx.  You never meet a Chinese communist who would even think of disavowing Mao’s Little Red Book.  You never met a Mormon who does not cling to the very words of the book of Mormon.  I can’t imagine a person who identifies with National Socialism and disagrees with the Nazi party.  Then why would a person think that they can claim to be a follower of Jesus and not follow what He had to say?

To be a Christian is not merely to claim to follow Jesus.  It refers to the absolute surrender of your life to Him.  It is, to reference David Platt, a “radical agenda.”  Following Jesus means to not only do the things that he would do (WWJD) but to see things as how He would see them.  He once looked upon the multitude of people and saw them as sheep having no shepherd.  He once looked at a social outcast and asked for a drink.  His view of the world was something different from that of many modern Christians

Liberals Should Be Proud of Themselves


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It should be a time of great rejoicing at Planned Parenthood.  After all, their name has been in the news steadily for several weeks.  Certainly the free publicity and multiple celebrity endorsements are better than gold.  You would think they would be longing for more of the free coverage thplanned parenthoodat they have received in the past few weeks.  Yet, they have scattered like roaches in the middle of the night when the light is turned on.  They have been forced into hiding behind an injunction happily supplied by an Obama bundler who happens to be a judge.  This is a time that showcases their good work and highlights their deeds.  Low-level employees and higher ups are on video that can be seen far and wide.  And yet, they run for cover.

I have challenged my liberal friends on Facebook to watch the Planned Parenthood videos and justify them to me. After several weeks, only 1 person has proffered any kind of defense about the videos.  She claimed that they had been edited.  It is good that no other news organization has ever done any sort of video editing. She was also the one who told me that PP saves more babies than they kill; like that is some sort of moral victory. Thus far, no one has rushed to the defense of these PP employees who were caught unaware telling the truth.

Pro-choice advocates refuse to watch these videos because it does 1 of 2 things: It challenges them with the ISIS-like brutality and savagery of that which they religiously support or it confirms them to be brutal, cold-hearted hypocrites who delight and profit from the sale of human flesh; all in the name of compassion.  Let’s be honest: either life is precious or it is just a “line item” on the PP spreadsheet of inhumanity. There are no other possible answers. This 5th video shows a child’s hand attached to its dismembered and decimated body. This “specimen” never knew the loving touch of mom and dad. It never had the chance to wrap fingers around another human being’s fingers as babies instinctively do. It will never suck its thumb or hold a baby rattle. It will never smile when it discovers its hands.  Instead, it was brutally destroyed, dismembered, scraped and sucked out of the womb and then placed on the open market and sold to the highest bidder so that some PP employee could pay the rent.  All in the name of compassion and freedom of choice.  All in the name of a woman’s right to choose.

Liberals claim to have the moral high ground. They care more about people.  They are more enlightened than us knuckle-dragging conservatives. They claim to be better educated and more generous than the rest of us. They relentlessly pursue scientific truth and at the same time claim that there is no such thing as objective philosophical truth.  They look at our Christian faith and believe we are no better than some superstitious native in a foreign land dancing around a totem pole to curry some unnamed deity’s favor. To paraphrase one of them: They are smarter than us, they are better than us; and doggone it, people like them more than us.  And they are proud of this.

Now the ugliness of what they do and what they are about has been manifested for the world to see. Their inhumanity is laid bare. The mainstream media tells us that we should move along because there is nothing to see. The liberals cry about the editing and the under-cover nature of the video. Yet, where are the one’s who defend the PP employees? They traffic in human flesh like some slave trader of old. Slaves were once declared to be 3/5th human and property.  Liberals tell us that the “product of conception” is nothing more than worthless clumps of medical waste.  It is worthless, that is, until it is time for it to be sold.  These types has demonstrated themselves to be greedy for a buck and as blood thirsty as any serial killer.  Maybe they will provide us with some Planned Parenthood lampshades to soften the harsh light that shines upon them.

Beating Hillary

Hillary ClintonCurrently, there are well over a dozen candidates seeking the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  Only one of those mere mortals will survive and face Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.  And, if they do not change their tactics, they will be slaughtered.  The Republican bloated carcass will be rotting in the sun and we will have more tyranny upon the freedom loving people of this great country.  The old saying about history is true; those who do not learn from history will repeat it.  Historically, Democrats beat the stuffing out of Republicans – Not because they are right on the issues, but because Republicans are wrong in their approach.  Let me take just a few lines to give my fellow conservatives some well intentioned advice as to how to win next year.

1.  Obey Reagan’s 11th Commandment “Thou Shalt Speak No Ill of a Fellow Republican.”  Reagan was right.  During the next 6 months we will watch each and every one of these Republicans tearing and devouring each other until there is nothing left for the Democrats to do except hose down the mess, which is something that they are happy to do.  This path to self-destruction must end!  Realize that when the Press asks a Republican how he/she feels about the position of a fellow Republican; they really don’t want your answer as much as they want you to trash your fellow Republican.

2.  Realize who the true political enemy is and go after her.  Conventional wisdom tells the Republicans that the last man standing will be the warrior that we choose to take on Hillary and the Democrats next year.  By the time we get to that last man (or woman) standing, it is too late and the election is a foregone conclusion and Hillary is parking her broom outside the Oval Office.  Fellow Republicans, it is the one who takes the fight to Hillary in the primaries and does it most effectively who will be the one to take her on in the general election.  We are the party of ideas.  Our ideas matter.  However, we have adopted the politics of personal destruction (master engineered by the Clinton machine) and turned them on each other.  As a Republican, I don’t want to vote for the one who can take out Bush, Trump, or Cruz.  I want to vote for the one who can take the fight to Hillary and the tired bags under her eyes and defeat her based upon ideas that are understood by the people.

3.  Democrats cheat!  Remember that.  They do not just play dirty, they cheat.  I know that we are not supposed to say such things (at least that is what the Democrats tell us) but they cheat.  They are creative in ways that they cheat, but they cheat.  A Republican must win a house or senate seat by at least two percentage points or the Democrats will just keep counting and recounting until they have the necessary votes to defeat the hapless Republican who plays by the rules.   Don’t believe me?  Ever hear the name Al Franken?  Democrats will cheat by running people who are ineligible as well.  Frank Lautenberg was not legally eligible to run for senate from New Jersey, but they ran him anyway; and he won.  Allen West lost his house seat due to documented over counting of democratic votes.  I could go on, but I have made my point.

4.  Democrats start with 47% of the vote already in their corner.  Mitt Romney in his infamous video was right.  Mitt was smeared with that video because he said the obvious.  No one to this day has disputed what he said; merely that he said it.  Well over four out of ten people in the USA now receive some sort of government assistance.  This is the permanent Obama underclass that the Dear Leader has created and I got news for you:  They are not going to vote to cut their pay.  They never have and they never will.  They like their food stamps, Section 8, WIC, Free Lunch programs, Obamaphones, and countless other government give-aways.  When you add a few percentage points for those who once voted Republican and who now vote Democrat because they are dead, and combine them with the absentee and mail-in votes that come from various memory care units in nursing homes across the country that are submitted by various Democratic operatives, you increase the lead substantially.  Add to that number the out-and-out voter fraud at the polls, (this is why Democrats are against photo IDs at the polls) and that pushes the vote up to 50%.  Then you exclude overseas votes of the military (a popular Democrat tactic) and the election is won without firing a shot.  Democrats cheat!

5.  Do not get side tracked by the various issues of the day.  The internet is great at pushing side issues that while important, distract from the main focus.  We have to hammer hard that Democrats are bad for America based upon a failing economy, a disastrous foreign policy, and moral decay.  Don’t get distracted about who questioned anyone’s patriotism or who served and who did not.  Workplace non-participation in the country is about 100 million – the highest ever!  Obama just made a deal with Iran to ensure they they will get nukes while they were shouting “Death to America.”  The Democrats defend that which cannot be defended based upon what we see from the Planned Parenthood videos.  Those videos need to be tied around the neck of Hillary and any other Democrat who is running for office.

The Allied Nations (USA, Canada, England, Russia) defeated Germany in WWII.  They did it not by shooting at each other, but by taking the fight right down the throat of Germany.  It was a race to Berlin in the final days of the war.  This is exactly how we defeat the Clinton war machine.  It is a race that is won by recognizing our allies and knowing our enemy.  We do not win wars by fighting our friends, but by defeating the enemy.

If we want to see Hillary age before our eyes for the next eight years and watch Bill chasing every skirt in DC, then just keep doing what you are doing Republicans.  It is guaranteed that we will not win come 2016.

Haters Gonna Hate, Always!

haters-gonna-hate-alwaysI have been called a “Hater!” by several of my FaceBook Friends.  With friends like this, who needs enemies?  The word “Hater!” has quickly taken on greater use as the culture wars heat up and ideas begin to clash. Normally, I try not to let name calling sycophants get to me; but I am only human.  I do not think of myself as a “Hater!”  I like to think of myself as a nice guy.  I even feel guilty when a squirrel or other small creature finds itself under my wheels as I travel down the road.

We are told “Haters are gonna hate.”  I guess that is so, but I still have trouble thinking of myself as a genuine hater when it comes to life.  I have known people who hate, and I have watched over the years as people become consumed with hate.  That is not me!  I consider myself a happy warrior in the current culture war.  I have pity on many and I harbor no ill will toward any.

The use of the term “Hater!” has grown in recent days because of the cultural paradigm shift.  Now, if you find yourself on the wrong side of Political Correctness, you are automatically a “Hater!”  You might try to engage in debate, but the verdict is still the same:  “Hater!”  In the PC world, “Haters!” are what is wrong with America.  Get rid of the “Haters!” and this country would be a perfect place to live, in spite of the Texas summer heat.

I find that it does not take much to be labeled a “Hater!”  Usually the word “hypocrite” is often used to further describe me and my people.  First, the charge is leveled and then the non-PC offender is indicted.  Soon, the 1 or 2 person jury stands ready to convict.  All that is necessary is for the sentence to be executed.  Are you a hater?  Let’s see:
Against homosexual marriage ? You are a Hater!
For traditional marriage, you are a “Hater!”
Think it is a bad thing to allow practicing homosexuals to donate blood? “Hater!”

Think people should show valid identification to vote?  Immigrant hating “Hater!”
Prolife? You hate women!
Think the idea of homosexual scout masters is a bad idea? “Hater!”
Think it is a bad idea to allow homosexual couples to adopt? “Hater!”
Are you a non-Muslim religious person? “Hater!”
Think Obama is a bad president? That is because you are a “Hater!” and a racist.
Against amnesty for illegals? “Hater!”
Think Hillary might be a bad president? Hater and a sexist misogynist.
Concerned that every prime time sitcom on tv has a homosexual couple? “Hater!” and a homophobe.
Concerned that Planned Parenthood is in charge of your child’s sex education program at school? Hater!
Like Fox News? “Hater!”
Go to church? “Hater!” and probably a religious bigot!
Concerned that conservatives are seldom, if ever, granted tenure in colleges and universities? “Hater!”
Carry a gun legally with a Concealed Handgun License?  Paranoid “Hater!”
Think prayer should be allowed at the city council meetings? “Hater!”
Refuse to make a cake for a homosexual wedding? “Hater!”
Refuse to cater an event for a gay wedding? “Hater!”
Refuse to make flower arrangements at a homosexual wedding? “Hater!”
Refuse to participate in the Susan G Komen Walk for Life because they have aligned themselves with Planned Parenthood? “Hater!”
Christian? “Hater!” (unless you support homosexual marriage.)
Dislike welfare? “Hater!”
Listen to Rush Limbaugh? “Hater!”
Like to go to the gun range? “Hater!”
Believe the Bible? Non-intellectual “Hater!”
Eat meat? Animal “Hater!”
Wear fur or leather? “Hater!”
Like to hunt? “Hater?”
Believe that global warming just might be a hoax? “Hater!”
Concerned with the terror threats around the world coming to the USA? Muslim “Hater!”
Bruce Jenner? “Hater!”
Capitalist? “Hater!”
Ever used the “N” word growing up in the south? “Hater!” unless you are a Rap artist!
Think that the words “rap” and “artist” should never be used in the same sentence? “Hater!”
Subscribe to any magazine to the political right of Mother Jones? “Hater!”
Think that living together before you get married is a bad idea? “Hater!”

Never give money to NPR or PBS?  Greedy “Hater!”

Those in the PC world think that we are what is so terribly wrong with this country.  If only we would just get out of the way, or die (thereby leaving our heirs open to whatever death tax mighty be due) or convert to their way of feeling (not thinking), America would be so much better.