Here is a news flash:

What is best for America is best for the world! Just because we enjoy freedom from oppression does not mean that the world can’t have it too. Just because we enjoy economic prosperity does not mean that the world remains poor. Just because we live in a safe haven does make the world less safe.

42f5e57d847794a33fa71b005111b120You see, liberals don’t understand this. They think if America has something then we are depriving it from the rest of the world. They often say that we make up 4% of the world’s population but consume 50% of the world’s resources. Again, they don’t realize that many types of resources can be continually renewed. Cut a tree down, plant three in its place. Easy. Drill for oil and use the energy to build a factory and make solar panels. Easy!

Liberals think that because America is rich that we got rich off the backs of the poor. They talk about how the country was built off the backs of slaves. Well, we did have slaves: One hundred and fifty years ago! Slavery was wrong and evil. The cotton that was harvested with slave hands has long deteriorated into oblivion. No one alive has owned a slave and no one alive was ever a slave. Your color does not define you; you define you!

Our wealth creates more wealth around the world for everyone to begin to enjoy. Liberals think if we have a larger slice of the pie, that deprives others of a piece. It is the difference between slicing and dividing a pie and baking another pie! Socialist thugs want to divide the pie equally and the smart people want to bake more pies!

Liberals think if we are safe militarily, then that makes the rest of the world a much more dangerous place. Nothing could be further from the truth. When we are safe and secure, the world is much more safer. When we are weak and vulnerable, the rest of the world is even more so. No nation was ever conquered because they were too strong. If the values that we love about this country are worth protecting, then we must do so by making America great again. Our military should be feared throughout the world. Our wealth should be emulated by all freedom loving peoples. Our technological advantages can help bring relief to all the world.

When I lived overseas, I was shocked when I discovered that it took 10 years for you to get a land line phone installed in your house. Now, Asia leads the world in cell phones. How did this happen? One word: America! Millions of jobs, not just here in this country but around the world have been created just because of the iPhone!

I laughed at the snowflakes marching last night in protest of an election. They were bussed in from all locations. They coordinated their plans on their iPhones and on social media. Where did that come? America. The busses were built in America. The gas to run the busses was extracted from American soil, refined in American refineries, pumped at an American gas station. The very fact that they had the freedom to protest at night as the rest of us were getting ready for bed because we had to go to work to day is because of one great experiment: America!

The frightened little shaking-everyone-receives-a-trophy millennial living in mom’s basement who thinks they know it all because they have in Instagram account thinks he needs a safe space and a free speech zone. I got news for you little snowflake: THERE IS NO SAFER PLACE IN THE WORLD THAN AMERICA AND NO BETTER FREE SPEACH ZONE THAN AMERICA! (Maybe with the exception of Chicago, Washington DC and Baltimore – cities run by Democrats).

Shout it from the rooftops! We have the greatest country in the world. Export the type of representative democracy beyond our borders. Let’s show the world that we are to be envied by those who want to be free; emulated by those who want to be wealthy; and feared by the sight of our all volunteer military!