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D DaySeventy-two years ago young men stormed the beaches of Normandy to free a continent and end a war. Their “safe space” was not a tax payer provided room on a college campus, but a hole dug in the sand. They were not frightened by “trigger words” but instead stood in the face of certain death as the enemy pulled the trigger of their weapons aimed directly at them.
For most all, the very first cruise that they had taken in their young lives was not a Disney or Carnival Cruise but rather on board a troop transport heading into danger. Still others spent their sight seeing days in places in the Pacific so small, that they appear on few maps or in places in Europe now filled with Muslim immigrants. They were heroes whose love of country and devotion to duty gave them the strength and courage to make the ultimate sacrifice. They never burned a draft card or an American flag!
The liberty and freedom that we enjoy today was purchased with the very lives of these brave men. They fought for the American way of life like so many who had come before them. Their courage overcame their fears. Their devotion turned the churning surf to red that morning 72 years ago. Some were killed in the Higgins boats. More died on the shores. Those who lived, stormed cliffs and hedgerows bringing liberation and freedom.
So this day, while some would use the very freedom purchased by these brave souls as a license for perversion and social experiments gone wrong, we honor this Greatest Generation. No, Mr. Obama. These men did not give their lives so you could force women to accept men who think they are women into women’s restrooms and locker rooms. These men served for a much more noble purpose: Duty and love of country.