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beagleLibs and Democrats act like they have just returned from the Galapagos Islands on the HMS Beagle and have discovered a previously unknown gender that is neither male nor female. This newly discovered gender is what they call transgendered. Being a new gender, it must therefore be treated as a newly discovered sub-species of human. It is to be accorded special rights and privileges. Our betters (Liberals) who know so much more than the rest of us have told us that we need to turn our society completely upon its head in order to potentially accommodate all transgendered people, even if that means going against common sense, safety, and privacy.

So-called transgendered people make up less than 1% of the current US population. Estimates put it at 3/10th of 1%. That means that approximately 99.7% of our population is not transgendered. Surely this can’t be true. I mean, to hear the liberals tell it, transgendered people have done everything from sign the Declaration of Independence, won a couple of world wars, and participated at our highest levels of government and society. Except, they haven’t.

Transgendered people make up a very small percent of the population and are correctly placed within the category of mental illness and disorders pertaining to body dysmorphic disorders. They are not a new sub species and they are certainly not a new gender. They are, for lack of a better way to put this, mentally ill. This does not mean that we should treat them with hatred, disrespect, or look upon them as any less of that which deserves human dignity. Compassion and love in the highest command of Christ is to be the norm.  While love, compassion and dignity are to be our highest expression, their mental disorder does afford them special rights over and above the 99.7% of the population that does not suffer from this disorder.

Left untreated, many of this group commit suicide. However, when they are treated with surgery, the rate of suicide is roughly the same as those who do not have hormone and surgical treatment. Statistical studies have led some hospitals such as Johns Hopkins to stop performing gender reassignment surgery.

Now while my liberal friend’s heads explode, I would like to ask a few questions:

  1. Do the much higher percentage of the population not deserve respect for their privacy in public restrooms, dressing rooms, and changing areas? If not, why not?
  2. What if the person who “thinks” they are the opposite gender is wrong? Will irreversible surgery not make the problem worse?  Already, we are reading the Bruce Jenner is having second thoughts about his surgery.
  3. Why are liberals so willing to deny science and embrace a political agenda to address a problem that has received so little study?
  4. If Bruce Jenner were not your poster child, would you still push this agenda? If so, then why did you not push this prior to Bruce Jenner? It seems this has more to do with a radical left wing agenda rather than treatment for the mentally ill.
  5. Are there no other treatment options available short of irreversible radical surgery that statistically, does not alleviate the condition and emotional pain?
  6. How will liberals address public safety concerns about this issue? So far, all that we have heard and seen is outcry and name calling from the left and too little concern with public safety and privacy.
  7. As champions of the right to privacy, why are liberals so willing to invade another’s privacy in changing rooms in gymnasiums and public pools? Does the dad of a young adolescent girl not have an expectation of privacy when they send their child into a changing room that they will not have to disrobe in front of a person with opposite gender anatomy?  Many liberals assume that there are private changing rooms in locker rooms in public schools.  I am confident that the vast majority of public schools and private clubs have few private changing rooms.
  8. Why have liberals chosen this hill upon which to die? It seems as if there might just be another agenda behind this? beagleWhen you look at what liberals have already accomplished since Obama began to fundamentally change America, and where they might be headed, it makes you stop and think. Homosexual marriage is already the law of the land. Lack of bathroom privacy seems to be next. Pluralistic marriage and intergenerational marriage may not be that far behind.