Unhappy LiberalsLiberals are the most unhappy people that I know.  There.  I said it.  It is out in the open for all to see.  Of course, it is stating the obvious.  If I were a liberal, I would be most unhappy too.  Being conservative does not automatically make you happy, but it sure helps.  After all, conservatives are usually optimistic in their outlook on life.  Liberals lack this optimistic gene.

Liberals are never happy with the way things are.  They see misery all around them and they seek to make things better.  This intention is good and noble.  However, the execution is flawed.  It is the way they want to address what is making them unhappy. Liberals are very socialistic in their emotions which is saying a lot as liberalism is more emotional than intellectual.  The way to address unhappiness and misery is not to make the miserable happy, but rather to make the happy miserable.  If you are happy, watch out.  Some liberal will put you in their crosshairs with the sole intent of removing your happiness in order that the miserable will somehow be less miserable because you are now among their ranks.  I realize that this does not make sense, but to a liberal, results do not matter.  Good intentions are all that matter.

Conservatives see misery and seek to address it with solid solutions.  Studies show that conservatives give of their time, talents, and money much more than liberals.  Much of this charitable giving is church based.  Liberals on the other hand wish to see governmental solutions using other people’s money instead of their own.  Generosity with other people’s money is really just stinginess in disguise.  Unhappy people are often very stingy with their own money.  Even when liberals are on the receiving end of charity, they are unhappy about it.  I recently had someone complain about having to go to a church for help and had to listen to the pastor’s counsel prior to receiving the help.  I told her that she should go next time to the local charity run by atheists.  Oh, wait!  There are none.

Liberals have Obamacare.  Yet, despite the transfer of billions of dollars of other people’s money specifically set aside for the less fortunate among us, they are still unhappy.  Anyone who deviates from Obamacare dictates must be sued into submission.

Liberals now have same sex marriage.  While only 27 states have adopted SSM, over half of the US population reside in a state where it is legal.  You think this would make them happy.  Sadly (no pun intended) they are not.

Hillary Clinton and her husband have made close to $100 million dollars since leaving office 12 years ago.  By any stretch of imagination, that is good money!  Yet, Hillary laments that they were “dead broke” and not really all that well off.

Liberals view wealth as unearned and undeserving.  They see the deck stacked against people all the time.  They lament the plight of the down-trodden in society, but rarely offer anything except another government program, funded with the confection of another’s wealth that will address the problem.  Spreading the misery is designed to make the more miserable in society feel less miserable.  So the person who has little is now happy that the person who had much now has less.  This makes sense to a liberal.

Does liberalism cause unhappiness or does being unhappy make you a liberal?  This “chicken and egg” scenerio is worth exploring briefly.  Arguments could be made both ways.  I think you need to look at this both from a intellectual as well as an emotional understanding.  Liberalism is intellectual bankruptcy.  This is not to mean that there are not some smart liberals out there.  However, most liberals think they are far smarter than they actually are.  By intellectual bankruptcy, I mean that they are fresh out of ideas.  They recycle ideas that have been proved to be ineffective time after time.  Socialism has been tried for decades on millions of people.  It never works!  Yet the modern miserable liberal seems to think that if better people keep trying it, it is bound to work some how.

Liberalism leads to an emotional abyss.  Anytime you take away personal achievement and accomplishment, no matter the motivation, it leads to discontentment.  When everyone gets a trophy, the prize means far less for the winner.  Liberals seek to address this by removing the very concept of “winning.”  Yet, when this is removed, more misery abounds and motivation for greatness is removed.

Happiness and accomplishment go hand-in-hand.  Accomplishment leads to greatness.  Greatness leads to greater satisfaction.  Liberals see the United States as not only a very flawed country, but as a flawed concept!  They do not see America as a great country. They see the USA as often the source of human suffering throughout much of the world.  If we were not so great, then other countries would be greater.  This is the essence of the Obama foreign policy.

Is there a way for liberals to be happy and content?  Yes, but not by being a liberal.  Liberalism has a flawed view of humanity because they have a flawed view of God.  They see people as basically good and are continually disappointed when bad things happen.  Conservatives do not see people as good, but instead see humanity as redeemable.  Big difference.  One leads to continual disappointment.  The other, leads to continual, incremental, progress and achievement.  Not all conservatives are always happy.  However, you will see greater happiness from lives that have known redemption than a liberal worldview that sees people as basically good.  You will always be disappointed in man.  This disappointment leads to disillusionment.  From there, you move into despair.  From despair, you move into further disappointment.  It is a vicious cycle.

Here is the main difference (simplified) between a liberal and a conservative.  For a liberal, mankind is basically good.  God is basically unjust because He allows bad things to happen to basically good people.  This leads to disappointment and lack of satisfaction.  Conservatives view mankind as flawed and God as good and just.  Goodness combined with justness leads to mercy on God’s part.  This leads to redemption and restoration for mankind.  This leads to optimism which is expressed as contentment and happiness.